SayIt Fast Shortcuts
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SayIt Fast Shortcuts

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SayIt's Fast Shortcuts allow voice shortcut audio to be processed locally, directly on your computer rather than sent to an off-site server.

Fast Shortcuts do NOT work with the SayIt Wireless Microphone app.


Enable or Disable Fast Shortcuts

  • If you have the ability to use Voice Shortcuts, you can find the Fast Shortcuts option on the Shortcuts menu in the SayIt client. It will be checked (on) by default.
  • To disable Fast Shortcuts, uncheck the option on the Shortcuts menu.
  • To enable Fast Shortcuts, select it from the Shortcuts menu to put a checkmark next to it.  You will see a message saying, "Please wait while we're getting ready". Once that message is gone, Fast Shortcuts are ready to use.


Use Fast Shortcuts 

Once "Fast Shortcuts" is enabled (checked) on the Shortcuts menu, it's ready to use.

Run a fast shortcut by:

  • pressing your voice shortcut button or hotkey and saying the shortcut name


  • clicking the star button on the voice client and saying the shortcut name


  • using hands free voice shortcuts (when enabled) by saying "Start Shortcut" followed by the shortcut name.

About Fast Shortcuts

  • Fast Shortcuts work best when there are 200 or fewer shortcuts AND when shortcut names (voice commands) are unique across the list. 
  • The client-side recognizer for fast voice shortcuts includes a pronunciation generator so that it can better understand terms that are not in the voice client dictionary when they are used for voice shortcut commands or in the Select and Say window.
  • Fast Shortcuts also include the Select and Say navigation commands.
  • If you are not able to get a match on a fast voice shortcut or while using Select and Say with Fast Shortcuts enabled, please contact nVoq Support.
  • Fast Shortcuts do not run on the iOS or Android Wireless Microphone. Voice shortcuts run on the nVoq.Wireless Microphone are automatically processed on a off-site server.