SayIt Java Desktop Shortcut
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SayIt Java Desktop Shortcut

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If SayIt / AgentAssist is launched from an executable (.exe) file instead of with Java Web Start, the instructions on this page are not applicable. 

There are two methods for adding a desktop shortcut for SayIt on WINDOWS:

  1. You can create a desktop shortcut on Windows using the Desktop Shortcut feature. (WINDOWS ONLY)
    • This is a Group level setting under Client Settings: Options > "Desktop Shortcut" in nVoq.Administrator. When launched, this shortcut opens a browser that navigates to the SayIt URL, which pops open the login window. 
    • The desktop icon for this method has the SayIt logo (or the logo from the company theme).
    • This shortcut does NOT work on a Mac.
  2. You can create a desktop shortcut using the instructions below to install a SayIt Java desktop shortcut. 
    • The Java icon simply launches the login window and bypasses the browser steps. 
    • The desktop icon does not have the SayIt logo on it, and many times can be obscured on the desktop. Some sites can change the icon, some cannot.

Some sites may not be able to install one or the other. Both methods get to the same result -- a SayIt login window -- but for sites that have extremely slow networks, using the Java shortcut method is faster.

Install the SayIt Java Desktop Shortcut

  1. Launch SayIt and log in.
  2. PRESS AND HOLD the "CTRL" KEY on your keyboard and AT THE SAME TIME with your mouse CLICK THE HELP ICON (?) on the SayIt window to open a special Help menu.


Once the special menu opens, you can let go of the CTRL key.


  1. Select Java Control Panel from the menu.


  1. In the Java Control Panel, select the View button. (You may need to wait a minute for it to open.)



  1. SINGLE-click on the SayIt item in the list.



  1. Click the Arrow icon to create a desktop shortcut.



  1. Now use the "SayIt" desktop shortcut to launch SayIt more quickly. 

SayItJavaIconYour desktop icon may look slightly different.