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My Vocabulary

Add words to your vocabulary that the voice client may not know or has trouble understanding.


 Add Vocabulary

Use the My Vocabulary feature to add a word or short phrase to your word list. Proper names of people, places, or product names are common terms that might need to be added. 


Add a Vocabulary Term

  1. Click on the Dictations menu and select My Vocabulary. The My Vocabulary window opens.
  2. In the My Vocabulary window, click New. The New Account Vocabulary window opens.
  3. In the Written field enter the new word or phrase that you want to add to your vocabulary.
  • If you add a multiple-word term or name (like "Kailyn Zepreuder"), you would need to dictate that entire term ("Kailyn Zepreuder") to get the vocabulary to work. If you only want to dictate part of the term (just "Kailyn"), that word can be added as a separate, stand-alone vocabulary term.


DO NOT ADD a Sounds Like pronunciation when first adding a new term. Try using the word a few times before you add a pronunciation.. you may not need it!
  1. Click Save. SayIt loads the new vocabulary, which may take a few minutes. Click OK to continue.
You can still use dictation while a new vocabulary term is being processed by the server.


  1. Give the dictation engine a few minutes to add your term to your dictionary. Then, try to useyour new vocabulary term in a dictation to make sure it works for you.


Add a Pronunciation (Sounds Like)

If you have added a new vocabulary term but are having problems getting it to return correctly, you may need to add a pronunciation. 

In most cases, SayIt will be able to return your vocabulary term correctly WITHOUT adding a Sounds Like pronunciation. It might help to add sentence modeling though. See Vocabulary Term Not Recognized.


To add a pronunciation to your term:

  1. Click on the Dictations menu and select My Vocabulary. The My Vocabulary window opens.
  2. In the My Vocabulary window, click on the vocabulary term in the list to highlight it, and then click the Edit button. 


  1. In the Edit Account Vocabulary window, type your pronunciation into the Sounds Like text field.
    • Only letters are allowed.
    • Only 60 characters are allowed.
    • You can create multiple vocabulary terms with the same Written form with different Sounds Like pronunciations, but you cannot have the same term twice with the same Written Form and the same Sounds Like entry.
    • The Sounds Like pronunciation can be deleted after it is saved.


  1. Click the Save button.
  2. Give the dictation engine up to a minute to add your pronunciation to your vocabulary. Then, try to useyour vocabulary term in a dictation to make sure it works for you.
    If your term is still not being recognized, see Vocabulary Term Not Recognized.



Vocabulary Term Not Recognized?

If your vocabulary term is not being returned in your transcript, you can add a "Sounds Like" pronunciation for the term. See Add a Pronunciation (Sounds Like)
You can also try adding the term to your sentence modeling in the context of a few sentences in which you would likely use the term.

The easiest way to add sentence modeling for a new vocabulary term is to have your administrator correct some of your dictations: 

  1. In SayIt, use your new vocabulary term in full sentences in a few dictations. The vocabulary term may not be transcribed correctly (or at all). That's ok.
  2. Have your administrator correct the dictations that include your vocabulary term on the Review & Correct page in nVoq.Administrator. 
  3. Overnight, your corrected dictations that include your new vocabulary term will be added to your account as sentence modeling.



About the My Vocabulary List

Terms that have been added to your personal account vocabulary will appear in the My Vocabulary window.  

  • Vocabulary terms are listed in alphabetical order of the Written Form.
  • You can close and reopen the My Vocabulary window to see updates have been made in nVoq.Administrator (if any).

Known Limitations of My Vocabulary

  • There is a 60 character limit to the Written Form field.
  • Multiple-word vocabulary terms added to the dictation engine are tokenized, meaning that they act as a single unit. For example, if "Saskachewan Children's Hospital" is added as a vocabulary term and the single word "Saskachewan" is NOT in the group's topic or a separate word the in organization or user vocabulary, the word "Saskachewan" will not return on its own. Only the full phrase will return.