Select and Say Templates
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Select and Say Templates

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Select and Say supports bracketed fields in Template (a.k.a. "Insert Template") shortcuts within the Select and Say window. 

  • Fields are indicated by a pair of open and close single square brackets [ ] or double square brackets [[  ]]
  • You can insert dictation or shortcut text into these fields and when you're ready, advance the cursor to the next field.
  • Text (if any) between the brackets is automatically selected and is replaced when a dictation or shortcut text is added. If there is no text between the brackets, the cursor is inserted in between the brackets. 
  • There is no need to wait for the dictation or shortcut text to return in the field before moving on to the next field. Select and Say remembers where your cursor was when you initiated the dictation or shortcut. 
  • For information on creating Template shortcuts with bracket fields, see the Shortcut Guide.
Template shortcuts can OPEN the Select and Say window even if Select and Say is not enabled (checked) on the Options menu!
Formatting capabilities are not available in Select and Say templates. Only plain text is pasted from this window.

Single-Bracket Fields

Navigate single-bracket fields [ ] in one of these ways:

  • Press the Tabkey on your keyboard to advance to the next field, or Shift+Tab to go back to the previous field. (Popup Shortcut Only users should use this method.)
  • Use the voice shortcuts"Next" or "Previous".
  • Use buttons on a hand-held microphone to navigate the fields.

Because the cursor will NOT automatically advance to the next field after a dictation, single-bracket fields are useful for longer text fields where you may want to input multiple dictations before moving on to the next field.

Hand-held microphone users, see the Microphones Guide to find the Select and Say navigation buttons on your device.

Double-Bracket Fields

Double-bracket fields [[  ]] automatically advance the cursor to the next field. 

  • To go back to a previous field, use the same instructions as for single-bracket fields.
  • If typing or using a Popup shortcut, use the same instructions as for single-bracket fields.
Double-bracket fields do NOT automatically advance when typing or inserting a Popup shortcut into a field.

Example of Navigating Fields 

  1. With the cursor inside a bracket field, begin dictating, typing, or add shortcut text into the field.


  1. When you are finished adding/editing text in a field, ADVANCE to the NEXT field in one of three ways:
  • Press the Tab key on your keyboard OR
  • Use the voice shortcut (F3) "Next" OR
  • Use a button on a hand-held microphone
  1. The cursor advances to the next field, ready for your input.
    If the next field contains text, the text between the brackets is automatically selected.


You can replace highlighted text with a dictation or shortcut, or manually type in changes.


  1.  If you need to go BACK to a PREVIOUS field, you can:
  • Press the  Shift+Tab key on your keyboard OR
  • Use the voice shortcut (F3) "Previous" OR
  • Use a button on a hand-held microphone 
  1. When you're done editing, place your cursor into your system or record where you want the text to be inserted and then:
  • Use the voice shortcut "accept dictation" OR
  • Click the green check button in the Select and Say window


 The text from the Select and Say window is inserted into the system of record and the brackets are automatically removed.


Mac Known Issue:
When pasting text from a Template shortcut into the SayIt window, only dictated text will paste; the original text in the Template shortcut will not be included. This only affects Template shortcuts pasting intotheSayItwindow ON A MAC. All text will paste as expected into a third party application.