SayIt Change Hotkeys
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SayIt Change Hotkeys

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Configure your own keyboard hotkeys. Use a single key or a combination of keys.

  1. Open the SayIt the Dictations menu or Shortcuts menu.
  2. Select Set ... Hotkey.
  • Under the Shortcuts menu, you will have the option to reset your Voice Shortcut Hotkey or your Popup Shortcut Hotkey.
  1. Press the key (or key combination) you will use for your new hotkey.

If you're using a Mac, you need to press the fn key along with the function key unless you enable your Mac to use the standard function keys with SayIt.

Good Choices for Hotkey

  • function keys (like F6)
  • combination of keys (like the 1 key with the 3 key)
  • standard keys you do not use (like ^)

Poor Choices for Hotkey

  • standard keys (like a-z or 1-9)
  • combinations of keys that are hard to type (like the a key with the F6 key with the 9 key)
  1. Click OK.
  1. Confirm your hotkey selection in the main SayIt window and most importantly TRY IT OUT!

Optionally, you can map mouse buttons or wheel actions to the dictation or shortcut hotkeys using a tool like ATNSOFT Key Remapper.