Shortcut Usage Report Shows No Matches
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Shortcut Usage Report Shows No Matches

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On the Shortcut Usage report I see a high number of No Matches (nm) for a user.

"No Match" applies to voice shortcuts only. 
What to do:
  • Check that the user belongs to the correct group. The user may be attempting to use voice shortcuts from another group.
  • If the user is not saying a shortcut name correctly, advise the user to leave the SayIt "My Shortcuts" window open or to try using popup shortcuts instead. 
  • Look for very short voice commands (for example, "Go") that may be too short to be recognized.
  • Consider reducing the number of available shortcuts.
  • Make sure the user is not saying punctuation. If the user adds punctuation after saying a shortcut name, the shortcut may fail.
  • Do some troubleshooting in Review & Correct:
    1. Go to the Review & Correct page in nVoq. Administrator.
    2. Filter the report by Item Type = "Shortcuts" and Result = "No Match"
    3. Click the Item ID link and listen to the audio.
    4. Check that the entire shortcut nameis captured in the recording.
      • If the voice command is cut off at the beginning or the end, the user may need to practice pressing and holding the shortcut hotkey, saying the voice command, then releasing the hotkey. Ideally, there should be about a 1/2 second of silence after pressing the hotkey down, and a 1/2 second of silence before releasing the hotkey.
    5. Check that the audio is at a good recording level and that there is no obvious distortion.
    6. Check that the shortcut name the user says matches an existing shortcut name.
      • Download the grammar file from the audio recording. (See Review & Correct Detail: Download Active Shortcuts.) The grammar file contains all shortcuts available to the user at the time the shortcut was attempted. (Note: Two-week old grammar files are removed from the system by a nightly job.