SayIt Dictation (or Shortcut) Text Does Not Paste into Application
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SayIt Dictation (or Shortcut) Text Does Not Paste into Application

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When dictating into a third party application, a remote desktop, or a browser, transcripts don’t paste there.


What to do:
  • Make sure you can put your cursor into the text field of the target application. Can you type into it? Can you copy and paste text into it? 
    • If NOT, then the dictation/shortcut client won't be able to type or paste there either.
    • If you CAN type and copy/paste into your application, keep reading.
  • Try turning on Advanced Paste. Go to the Options menu in SayIt and select the Advanced Paste check box. Try dictating into your application again. Does it work now? 
  • Try dictating with your cursor in the SayIt client window and then use Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+V (Mac) to paste the contents manually from the SayIt client buffer into the target application. Can you paste text this way? 
    • If you are NOT able to paste text manually into the target application, then SayIt won't be able to paste there either. 
    • If you CAN paste text manually, keep reading.
  • Check to see if you have Direct Text enabled (see the SayIt Options menu) and try turning it off. 
Direct Text will not work IF there is a "Scratch That" substitution with a Spoken Form of \A[\s\S]*\z enabled for the organization or account. Note that there is an alternate form of this substitution with a different Spoken Form that DOES work with these substitutions. See$scratch-that 
  • You may need to set up SayIt to "run as an administrator" in order to allow it to paste into your EMR or CRM. See Run As Administrator 
  • If you're working on a Mac, your administrator can check to see if there is a "trigger" associated with your group that may be causing problems.
  • If you are dictating into a remote desktop application and your connection is in full screen mode, try changing to a smaller screen mode.
  • If you are dictating into a remote desktop application, you may need to configure your remote desktop application to apply Windows key combinations "on this computer".  
  • If you are using SayIt on a Mac with remote desktop (RDP), we recommend that SayIt run in the RDP session with the customer using the nVoq Wireless Microphone app to dictate.
  • If you are trying to dictate into the AllMeds EMR with SayIt on a Mac, try running SayIt and the the AllMeds EMR in a Windows parallel (to run Windows on Mac) and use the iOS wireless mic app as your recording device.