AVG CloudCare Manage Exceptions
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AVG CloudCare Manage Exceptions

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Exclude a URL on AVG CloudCare™ to Resolve SSL Connection Errors

If you are having a problem with an “SSL Connection Error” on a user’s system when attempting to connect to the SayIt URL (i.e. healthcare.nvoq.com), you may have a firewall or web filter blocking the URL. 

The link below directs you to instructions for excluding websites from AVG scanning: 


This is a link to best practices for AVG CloudCare that includes instructions on Managing Exceptions:


An excerpt from the article is below:

Managing Exceptions

  1. Log into the CloudCare Portal
  2. On the Policies tab, select the policy you would like to manage.
  3. Click on Anti-Virus to expand the menu.
  4. Go to the Exceptions tab.
  5. Click Add Exception if adding a new exception. If editing an existing exception, select the object to edit and click the Edit or Remove button.
  6. Select the exception type; i.e., file, folder, or URL.
  7. Enter the path or URL of the exception. If it’s a username-specific folder, choose “Any Location”.
  8. Choose the components for the exception to apply to.
  9. Click Close and Save.