Microphone: Enable the Microphone
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Microphone: Enable the Microphone

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Article Summary

You will want to make sure your computer is using the correct audio input device for the voice client.
Additionally, you may need to disable any extra microphones that you won't be using as they may cause audio "fuzz" or an echo, which will substantially degrade dictation accuracy. 

To enable the correct microphone and disable extraneous ones:

  1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray (lower right corner of the screen).

  2. Select Open Sound Settings.

  3. On the Sound window that opens, select Sound Control Panel under Related Settings.

  4. In the Sound control panel window, select the Recording tab.

  5. Find the device you want to enable. Right-click on the device and select Enable.

  6. Right-click on a device you want to disable and select Disable.

  7. Repeat Step 6 for any other microphones you won't be using.
  8. Make sure your microphone can record by speaking into it. If you see the audio meter in the Sound control panel move, your mic is working!
  9. Click the OK button at the bottom of the Sound control panel to close the window.

IF USING AGENTASSIST: If you already have AgentAssist running, close AgentAssist and restart it to pick up microphone changes.