Android Clipboard
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Android Clipboard

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If you have text that you need to paste repeatedly, you can benefit from the clipboard feature on your Android tablet while using nVoq.Mobile Voice. The steps below explain how to use the clipboard.

The clipboard is not available for Mobile Voice on devices running Android 12.
If your device is running Android 12, the clipboard option will not be available on the Android text menu shown below. For more information, see Why doesn't this work on my device? and the Workaround for Android 12+.

Add to the Clipboard

  1. Type or dictate and then tap on the text to select what you want to add to the clipboard.

  2. When all text you want added is selected, tap Copy.

  3. Once the text is copied, tap Clipboard. (This option is not available for Mobile Voice on devices running Android 12.)


Paste from the Clipboard

  1. Tap into the field where you want to paste the text and then tap Clipboard.

  2. All items on the clipboard appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the one you want to paste.

Why doesn't this work on my device?

The menu that appears when you highlight text and tap on it is a feature of Android, not nVoq.Mobile Voice. With the latest update of the Android 12 operating system, Android added privacy and security settings which no longer allow third-party keyboards, including Mobile Voice, to access the clipboard memory which may contain Protected Health Information (PHI) and is therefore not HIPAA compliant. nVoq.Mobile Voice can only use temporary memory, which can only store the most recently copied item. nVoq is exploring future options to replace this feature. In the meantime you can use the work-around below.

Work-Around for Android 12

As a work-around for the missing clipboard feature in Android 12 and later operating systems you can use another built-in Android feature called Edge Panels. The instructions and graphics below are from a device running Android 12. Configurations on your device might be different.

To enable and configure Edge Panels as a clipboard:

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. In Settings, tap Display.
  3. On the Display panel, tap on Edge Panels to open it.
  4. Slide the toggle at the top of the screen to On.
  5. Tap on Panels.
  6. On the display of the "panels" that can be used with Edge Panels, swipe left until you see Clipboard and then put a checkmark on that option.
  7. Click the < next to Panels to close that window.
  8. Optionally, tap Handle to change how the Edge Panels handle looks on your screen. (You'll probably want to do this after you use it to see what might work best for you.)
  9. Close the Settings. 
  10. Edge Panels is now enabled and configured to use as a clipboard. By default the handle to open it appears as a thin white bar on the right side of the screen. To change that, see Step 8 above.

To use Edge Panels as a clipboard:

  1. Copy text by selecting it (or take a screen capture) as you normally would to add it to the clipboard.
  2. Swipe the Edge Panels handle to open it.
  3. If necessary, swipe again to view the clipboard items.
  4. On the Edge Panel clipboard, scroll up or down through the list of captured items and then tap the Copy button under the one you want to paste.
    Depending on the version of Android your device is running, you may have the option to hold items on the clipboard list by tapping a lock icon above the copy button.
  5. Tap into the field where you want to paste the text or image and then tap Paste on the Android menu.
  6. Your text or image is pasted where you placed your cursor.