Tier 1 Support Expectations
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Tier 1 Support Expectations

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nVoq providers Tier 2 support. 

Our direct support contact information should only be used by your IT personnel who have completed Tier 1 troubleshooting. 

✔ Only support agents should contact nVoq directly via the support ticket portal.
✔ End users should never be referred directly to nVoq Support.

Tier 1 Support Expectations

Tier 1 Troubleshooting

Before you submit a ticket to nVoq Support you must complete appropriate Tier 1 troubleshooting, including:

  • Managing accounts (enabling and disabling accounts, password resets, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting network Issues (Internet issues, latency for individual users)
  • Troubleshooting device and application issues (computers, tablets, mobile phones, microphones, frozen applications, application settings, application installation)
  • Reviewing and attempting all appropriate nVoq troubleshooting processes, which are available on this website

Tier 2 Escalation

After you have completed Tier 1 troubleshooting, if you still need to submit a ticket to nVoq Support for Tier 2 escalation, your support ticket must include the following:

  1. Steps you’ve taken to reproduce the issue
  2. Steps you’ve taken to try to resolve the issue
  3. Usernames of affected users
  4. Date and time the that issue occurred
  5. IDs of corrected dictations in which the issue occurred (if relevant)
  6. Screenshots of error messages, video of odd behavior, if possible
  7. The specific web service with the problem (if it’s an API issue)

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